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Standing seam roofing machine F3
Double standing seam roofing machine F3 is used for making double standing seam lock for the roofing panels that are used for installation of the double standing seam roofing.  The double standing seam roofing is widely used because it’s impossible for the water to get under the closed double ..

Material width 250–700mm :: The material thickness Steel - 0,8мм, aluminium - 1,5мм :: Power 380V(220V) :: Engine power 1.1/1.5 (kW) 
Plate rolling machine EPRM-1.3
Plate rolling machine is used for bending pipes from the metal sheet with maximum length 1.3m and maximum thickness 1.5mm. Pipe production takes place by rolling the sheet metal between the rollers of the plate rolling machine. The upper roller of the plate rolling machine is mobile, so lowering or ..

Material width 1.3m :: The material thickness 1.5mm :: The diameter of the pattern 72mm :: Power 380V  :: Engine power 1.1 (kW) 
Elbow forming machine EEM-200
On the base of the electric elbow machine EEM-150 we designed elbow forming machine EEM-200 that could work with the pipes not only in the range 80-150mm but also in the range 150-200mm (with the upper lock on the pipes). Elbow forming machine EEM-200 is used for crimping elbows from round and re..

The material thickness 0.6mm :: The diameter of the pattern 80-200mm :: Power 380V :: Engine power 1.5-2kW 
Manual elbow machine MEM-150
Manual elbow machine MEM-150 forms elbowsfrom round pipesthat are used in process of assembling ventilation and drainage systems. The corrugated elbow looks fancy and it could be produced from the pipes with different diameters. There are two types of the Manual elbow machines we make: Manual ..

The material thickness 0.7mm :: The diameter of the pattern 90-150mm 
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We are the group of engineers and qualified specialist as: turners, millers, welders, mechanics. We are manufacturers. The love and pride for our job consolidate us. We make machines and equipment for working with metal sheets from 0.3 till 2.0 mm. We produce electric elbow making machines, roofing seam machines, manual elbow making machines, manual shears, sheet metal cut to length machines, manual bending machines, segmentsheetmetalbenders, rib bending machines, lock forming machines, lock closing machines, metal decoilers, swaging machines, beading machines, pipe bending machines, rolling machines. 

Sometimes I’m asked: “Why the name of our company is Evolutioner?”. The answer is simple- we are contra revolution but for Evolution! The evolution has one special thing. It’s not only in quality but in quantity. Everything that remains – is the best. During 10 years of our work we have made more than 1000 machines. We have great experience, we have made all the mistakes we could make, and know we have ready solution for you to be the first!

Lock seam closing machine LSCM 1300x1.2
Lock seam closing machine LSCM 1300x1.2mm is used for closing single lock on pipes with inside diameter from 80mm, maximum length 1300mm and maximum metal thickness 1.2mm. There is special moving closing mechanism on the machine which contacts with roll and makes possible to close single seam lock. ..

Material width 1300mm :: The material thickness 1,2mm :: The diameter of the pattern min 800mm 
Electric seaming machine ESM-1
Electric seaming machine ESM-1 is used for closing double standing seam lock while roofing installation process. Electric seaming machine closes roofing lock much more faster comparing manual hand seamers.  Seaming machine has four pairs of rolls to close double standing seam lock step by step ..

The material thickness 0.7mm 
Lock former machine LFM
Lock former machine LFM is the one that is most required beyond our customers.  It is used for forming ventilation locks such as Pittsburgh lock, standing seam lock, single hem, double hem, locking pin, elbow radius element.  Those locks are widely used when construction process of differe..

The material thickness 1.2mm :: Power 380V / 220V :: Engine power 1.5 kW 
Cut-to length slitting machine SM-1250х8
Cut-to-length slitting machine is used for longitudinal cutting of the metal sheets with maximum thickness 1mm, aluminum composite panels, paper, polycarbonate thanks to special cutting knives that are fixed on rolls of the slitting machine. This cut-to-length slitting machine lets you to cut the..

Numbers of the strips 8 :: Material width 1250mm :: The material thickness 1mm :: Power 380 V :: Engine power 1.1 kW